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Ulano Brand

ULANO 925WR Emulsion Stencil

ULANO 925WR Emulsion Stencil

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ULANO 925WR-P is a pale violet emulsion formulated for use with water-based textile inks. It has 41% solids content and a viscosity of 7000 centipoise (sensitized). It is identical to 925WR but uses a powder diazo and, thus, does not require hazardous labels or add-on shipping charges. 925WR-P/CL is packaged with separate dye. It can be used undyed for easier see-through registration or with dye added according to the stencil maker's choice of color contrast for stencil inspection.

1 Gallon when mixed with sensitizer
28 oz when mixed with sensitizer



 Utilizes diazo powder and does not require a hazardous shipping label
Requires no additional shipping costs

 Formulated for mechanical durability
Assures long printing runs, even with rough-surfaced fabric substrates

 Superb water resistance
Long runs with aqueous inks.
Can be used with heavy-alkali discharge inks

Resists plastisols and common textile washup solvents
Resists many co-solvent inks

 Clear version (925WR-P/CL) affords full range of color intensity
Can be used undyed for maximum registration-see-through
Range of dye can be added according to color preference for stencil inspection
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