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Starbond EM-600
The EM-600 is ideal for bonding and repairing and possesses a syrup-like viscosity that gives users sustained control on each drop of glue applied. To provide longer positioning time for more precise bonding, the EM-600 is specially formulated to have an extended curing time. Depending on the working material, bonding time may reach up to one minute. In all such instances, Starbond Accelerator is recommended to speed up bonding time.

Used For:
• Screen printing, gluing screen mesh onto the frame
• Repairing and filling large cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots in wood
• Uneven surface bonding
• Bonding knife handles to blade
• Bonding rubber R/C car tires to plastic/metal wheels
• Setting gemstones and preventing slippage
• Filling in and bonding cracked stones and slabs
• High gloss polish for stones and petrified wood
• Creating inlay and mosaics
• Filling voids, cracks, and bonding uneven surfaces
• Car trim and moulding
• Coral fragging
• Marble, Granite and Quartz repair
• Bonding fiberglass to a variety of materials
• Temporary auto bumper repair

Compatible With:
• Wood • Metal • Rubber • Leather • Ceramics • Gemstones • Rocks & Minerals • Carbon Fiber • Fiberglass • PVC and Most Plastics.

Tips: When bonding two very smooth surfaces together, it is advisable to make the surfaces abrasive so they have more holding strength.

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